Love Story 1.1

I absolutely love reading stories of how couples came together. If I’ve been to your blog and you have your story posted, I’ve read it and probably enjoyed it.

Now my story with my husband isn’t the most interesting. We are both pretty ordinary people but I love our story. We officially met the summer of 2005, June to be exact. I guess I should back up and explain the other unofficial encounters.

Febuary 2005 – I went to the home of some of my high school classmates. We went to college in a small-ish town and my friends were friends with his friends. The party was in full swing. I was refraining from drinking, as I had to drive home. I started playing pool with this handsome man. I can’t play pool to save my life, so I was making up rules as I went to ensure I had my fair share of playing time. This handsome man was a good sport and allowed these “rules”. I remember thinking I was interested in this man and was putting myself out there but he was reserved and did not appear interested. I was a freshman in college so this was not heartbreaking to me but obviously he made an impression as a few years into our relationship, I remembered this encounter and we confirmed that was the first time we met. He said I was a “floozy” and I noted that I would later ask a friend about him and that was that.

Early June 2005 – I was out with friends at an adult establishment. Again many of our friends knew each other. (We are both from small towns that are 10 minutes away from each other.) My friend Lensi had a conversation with a handsome man. It was short and sweet and I minded my own business. Had a good time and went home.

Later June 2005 – I won tickets to a concert and did not return until after midnight. Being the frisky chick I am, I wasn’t ready to go home so I went to a house party with my friends.

This is where the story really begins….


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