4.5 Weeks

I am 4.5 weeks…….. away from graduation. AF came right on time this month so no dice on the firework baby. Darn it! So I’m trying to focus on the positive things coming up in my life. Education has always been a huge part of my life. Not going to school/college was never an option for me and I just can’t stay away. I completed by bachelor’s in 2007, my master’s 3 years later in 2010, and now I’ll complete my education specialist degree 3 more years later 4.5 weeks from now. And hopefully never go back since I will be working in the field of education. That tuition stuff gets expensive. So this is what I’m looking forward to at this moment. 

This Child’s Mom recently posted about how this journey affects and is affected by your faith and God. I had never thought about it the way she explains the enemy trying to fill your head with doubts and this can result in you losing focus of what is the most important thing of all, your relationship with God. Since I read this post, I’ve been able to identify when this is happening and I take control back and focus on what’s important. It’s only been for today but I am feeling more hopeful than I have in a while. Another example of how amazing this community is in every way. Thank you This Child’s Mom! I could only hope to be half as inspirational as you and so many others. 

The grief continues to be a strong presence in my life and the tears are still coming but not as often. I am praying that hope can begin to take more of a presence but I know there will always be a level of grief present. It will be the proof of the strength I prayed for.